Nsight Announcement


Nsight Announcement

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Dear Nsight Customers, 

Nsight is the new single platform to collect, decode and analyze your Flight data, monitor trends, but also to create safety analyses and dashboards. Nsight was launched at the beginning of 2023.

How Nsight is developed:

NAVBLUE follows SAFe framework to organize product development and drumbeat: product backlog, which contains the list of potential features, is prioritized taking into account customer feedback. In addition, as per Agile Manifesto, collaboration with different Airlines, with Airbus and with our team of experts from Flight Operations, Training and Safety domains is at the heart of the development.

Next steps of the Nsight product:

  • Aircraft Configuration Profiles (ACPs):

NAVBLUE is continuously upgrading and customizing the configuration profiles of our analysis core based on customer feedback and customization requests.

  • General Bug Fixing and Improvements Information:

NAVBLUE is continuously investigating bugs our software can face. Next release will solve some of the bugs detected with the application as well as introduce a first performance improvement to both the Flight Replay page and the List & Trace page.

You are welcome to report any issue you may face raising a ticket via the support portal. All tickets are considered and monitored to help prioritize the next development steps and improvements to perform.

In the meantime, the support team is happy to assist you by setting up a dedicated call.

  • De-identification V1:

As per regulatory requirements on national and international levels, airlines need to have in place a process that enables data de-identification and anonymization. As a first step, we are working on allowing the de-identification of the data.

  • Enhancing Data-upload V1:

The data uploading and processing in Nsight is being improved. The main points identified and to be tackled are:

  • Reduce extensive and potentially frustrating actions by the users

  • Manage the data once uploaded (e.g. duplicate files)

  • Performance issues

  • Data anonymization and Enhancing data upload V2:

As per regulatory requirements on national and international levels, airlines need to have in place a process that enables data de-identification, anonymization and destruction after a given period of time. EASA recommends 6 months until de-identification and complete destruction after 5 years. The finalized feature will enable the setup of workflows based on a pre-defined data management policy.

This is information is now available on the Nsight Support Portal. It will be periodically updated.

Shall you need further information, please feel free to reach out to us by opening a ticket on the Support Portal.

Best regards,

The Nsight Team