Nsight Announcement


Nsight Announcement

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Dear Nsight Customers,

It is a pleasure to announce that we are officially releasing today, 25th of May 2023, the first set of measurements for Nsight with our new ACP's (Aircraft Configuration Profile).

You may refer to the Release Note on the NAVBLUE Support Portal for all the details.

These measurements will enable you to capture relevant snapshots for each and every flight moving forward from the date of release. 

Incoming improvements should also allow you to explore these measurements using the integrated Business Intelligence tool QuickSight (a release note will notify you when this capability is available).

We are also happy to announce the introduction of two new events:

  • Suspected Wrong Altimeter Setting Lan: Info

  • Suspected Wrong Altimeter Setting TKO: Info

With these events we intend to provide a positive answer to the "EASA SIB 2023-03: Incorrect Barometric Altimeter Setting".

As a reminder, EASA stated in this SIB: "Investigate methods to identify incorrect altimeter setting with the FDM Programme."

We did more than just investigate - we actually conceptualized and implemented a solution to this problem, thus contributing to an improved coverage of risk factors in the FDA Programme.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge how challenging this transition period is to everyone. As with any new tool, Nsight is still suffering from some teething problems but our teams are always hard at work to keep evolving Nsight features and ACP's.

As always, evolutions are driven by your feedback, so please feel free to keep sending us your suggestions and pain points.

Thank you and best regards,
The Nsight Team


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